33 Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue Before Booking

Wedding planning can make things a bit blurry. It's all going so fast and there's so many t's to cross and i's to dot. 

Picking the right venue for your wedding is a big milestone and a huge factor in your big day!

You want the place with the right environment and vibe, but you also need the technical details sorted first.

Make sure you reference these 33 questions to ask a wedding venue before booking the location!

1 - How many hours are included with a reservation?

2 - Can I book more hours? If so, how much does that cost?

3 - What's the rate for each day (Tuesday vs Saturday for example)? Does it differ with the season?

4 - What all is included in the total price?

5 - Do you have on-site venue coordinator? Can I hire my own?

6 - What's the parking situation?

7 - If outdoor - is there a backup plan for inclement weather?

8 - Is coat check available?

9 - Are there restrictions on the photographer?

10 - Is the venue handicap accessible?

11 - If we are using the same space for ceremony and reception, what is the typical flip time?

12 - Can you accommodate DJ or live band?

13 - Sound system and microphones?

14 - Is there a vendor list that is required or preferred?

15 - If catering is available, can we get a tasting?

16 - Can we bring our own alcohol? If yes, is there a corkage fee?

17 - Do you have liability insurance?

18 - Do we need any insurance?

19 - Is the deposit refundable?

20 - When is the remainder balance due?

21 - When is the deposit due? How much is it?

22 - How many restrooms are there?

23 - What is capacity? Will everyone be in the same area at this capacity?

24 - Decor restrictions?

25 - When can vendor deliveries be made?

26 - How much time do we have for setup and cleanup?

27 - Are tables, chairs, kitchenware, etc. provided?

28 - Dance floor size?

29- Do you have a PDF of possible layouts for my event?

30- Is there any area outdoors that my guests can mingle during cocktail/reception that is protected from weather?

31- Are linens, tables, chairs, silverware included? If not, are we able to rent directly from you? 

32- Are there decorating guidelines? 

33- How much time is available for the rehearsal?

If you keep this list of 33 questions to ask a wedding venue handy, you'll find the venue that's best for your needs!

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