7 Questions You Might Not Think to Ask Your Photographer

So many of the Nashville brides I come in contact with have no idea what to ask during a consultation meeting. They are told to ask about style, what is included in each package, and why I wanted to become a photographer. Whether you are interested in my work or someone else's in the industry, here are a helpful few questions you may not think to ask. 


1. Will you be my actual photographer, or will it be one of your associates?

A lot of larger companies are known to have a team of photographers/ videographers that shoot multiple events on one day. These vendors will spend the most time with you during the wedding and so it is important you mesh well. If they tell you that it will be another employee/employees, ask if you can meet with them also prior to booking. Remember that styles, lighting, posing, and overall vibes can differ from the owner to the employees hired. 


2. What is your turnaround time?

Make sure this is in the contract. If no timeline is guaranteed, you could be waiting up to 6 months from certain professionals. On average, the turnaround time for weddings should be between 5-9 weeks. 


3. How many photos are guaranteed?

This is another question that most brides do not think to ask. This should also be in the contract and important to discuss with friends who have done this before to see just how many you are needing. Do not be afraid to let them know your preferences when it comes to black and white options, etc. 


4. Have you ever shot at my venue(s) before? 

Like any other skill, practice makes perfect. If your shooter has shot multiple times at your venue, they will endure multiple scenarios and have a better response to any possible issues during the day. This also ensures that they already know some of the staff and best/worst locations to take you for portraits. If they haven’t shot there before, ask if they would be willing to go with you to scout it a few weeks beforehand. 


5. May I see an entire wedding you have shot?

Ask for a wedding link to look over with your fiancé to make sure the overall style and quality is what you’re wanting to invest in. 


6. Can I customize a package based on our needs?

Every wedding has a different schedule, guest list, and wedding party that can determine what type of coverage you will need. If you are against an engagement session or extra products, this can dramatically decrease your cost. Some photographers will not be willing to change the packages, but it is also a good idea to ask if certain things can be traded out for other products. For example: If you want a boudoir session instead of an engagement session or if you want a wedding guest book instead of prints. 


7. Will I get a print release?

If your family are the type to want Costco/Target prints, make sure you get a print release for them. I always advise the bride to order at least 10-20 higher quality prints through me, but having the print release will give you options.


I hope this post helped you think more about what it is you are looking for in a photographer and what will help you determine that! You will end up spending the most time with your photographer on your wedding day and it is important to think over how well you will get along, the delivery process, and the flexibility of that professional to help with your needs and wants. 


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