How to Plan Your Nashville Wedding

Happy Friday!

I have been prepping this post for some time, so that I could narrow down everything I learned as a Nashville bride. A lot of what I have to say is to save you money, stress, and time which as I have  witnessed are 3 things that every bride could use.

So, to begin I want to let you know that you can get married inside the city under $15,000.

1.  Start your vendor meetings early in the process.

2. You do not need a wedding planner. You do however, need a day-of coordinator. 

  • I can't tell you how many weddings I have shot, where the grandmother, photographer, mother, or bridesmaid becomes the coordinator because nobody is assigned. You may think your day is easy to facilitate, but someone always needs to be in charge and understand what you expect for each part of the day. This person is in charge of communication with your vendors, bridal party, and guests. 

3. You do not need dance lessons.

  • We spent far too much money on dance lessons and were not pleased with what we learned. You lose a lot of the connection with your spouse when you are too focused on the steps. The night before our wedding we botched the lessons and went 8th grade dance style :) 

4. If you have friends are getting married the same year that you are, see if you can send them to the booked vendors you have & ask if they give discounts for the referral. 

5. Start saving money right after the proposal, if not sooner. If you plan on paying with cash and not credit, this helps relieve a lot of money stress that I see most brides deal with. 

6. Look for up and coming bakers. When it comes to dessert, your scheduled tasting will tell you everything you need to know. 

7. Want BBQ for your Nashville wedding? Edley's BBQ. 

8. Narrow down your bridal party. 

  • Hurt feelings aside, make this day about you and simplicity where you can. You will save significant cash if you can keep the bridesmaids under 5 people. Plan a bigger bachelorette weekend with all your girls, but have a more intimate/quiet morning on your wedding day. 

9. Don't skimp on the DJ.

  • This is the person who will keep the party going! Make sure you or someone you trust has seen this person at a wedding :)

10. Let your photographer go "candid". If you ask for countless poses, they will miss the more important and real moments. 


I hope some of these points help you on your planning journey. The next blog I write will be a list of affordable, trusting, and experienced Nashville vendors that I refer my brides to! 

In the meantime, check out my good friend Alyssa's blog at Nashville Bride Guide