The Best Nashville Wedding Florists

Hello Nashville brides! If you haven’t read the 1st post to this series, head over to my venue post! Today, I will be covering florists :) This one is near and dear to my heart because, eventually I would love to own a little flower shop outside the city where I can work a few days a week and be a place for all my past grooms to come by and grab a bouquet for their wives.

As most of you know, we got married in April and I had to plan my own Nashville wedding. I was determined to spend around 15k and also have a venue close to the city. I succeeded in this and so can you! One of my most important vendors was the florist. Those flowers alongside your dress will make a massive difference in photos. I went with mostly greenery for the ceremony/reception and had these gorgeous wreaths made for the front doors.

1. T Villager Designs

I had already worked with T Villager Designs and knew Jack and Troy very well. They have such passion for what they do and are some of the kindest people in the business. I remember vividly them arriving to my day on time and giving me endless compliments and hugs.

Here are a few photos from our wedding by Eden Ingle:


2. Flourishes

The team over at Flourishes have so much passion for what they do! They are always on time with delivery and put so much time into each and every piece. Here are some photos of one of my dear friend’s wedding taken by Caitlin Steva.

alexa 2.jpg

3. Cheryl’s Flowers

I recently worked alongside Cheryl’s team at a wedding at Carnton. It was an extra hot day and this can be difficult for florists. The flowers at this wedding looked so lively all day and were very original. All photos were taken by myself.


4. 4 Ever Flowers

This florist is a little outside of the city, but well worth getting a quote from! They had delivered the flowers before I even arrived. All the ceremony and reception details set up! This is very hard to come by and helps the entire day/photos run so much smoother. All photos taken by myself.